Mitigating Wetlands to Achieve Ecological Balance

In an era where commercial and infrastructure development remains at an all-time high, wetlands have continued to diminish.  Wetlands are invaluable ecosystems that provide essential services, including water filtration, flood mitigation, and habitat for wildlife. Recognizing their importance is crucial for sustainable water management and climate resilience. Coastal communities benefit greatly from wetland protection, saving … Read more

Fee Simple Tax Strategy Simplified

Conservation easements have long been revered as the way of securing substantial tax benefits for landowners. However, recent rulings by the IRS have upended this landscape, fundamentally altering the viability of syndicated easement strategies. This shift prompts a reevaluation of tax strategies for landowners and investors, necessitating an exploration of alternative approaches in light of … Read more

Embracing Agrivoltaics Could Be A Win-win

In the ongoing debate surrounding the integration of solar panels on farmland, there has been an evident clash between tradition and progress, with critics condemning it as something that ruins the charming look of rural areas. However, even with such controversy, there is a compelling solution that not only addresses the pressing need for renewable … Read more

Harnessing the Power of Onsite Solar: The Tax Incentives and Visibility Factor

An article published by Clean Technica on 10/11/2023 entitled Shining New Light on The Onsite Solar Market highlights the great incentives businesses can avail of in the wake of mounting pressure for companies to reduce their carbon emissions. The article states that 42% of Fortune 500 companies have committed to climate milestones for 2030. In … Read more

The Solar Surprise: Transitioning to Clean Energy is Cheaper Than Expected

In recent years, the fight against climate change has seen its fair share of pessimistic predictions and challenges. However, a recent study led by the Berlin-based climate research institute MCC (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change) reveals a surprising and optimistic twist in what was originally predicted. The findings, published in Energy … Read more

Unleashing your Land’s Potential for Solar Energy

As the demand for renewable energy soars, the value of your property might just be greater than you think. Solar energy, with its sustainability and financial benefits, is paving the way for landowners to embrace a brighter future. An article written by Robert Paulsen on August 9, 2023 and published by Intelligent Living Media, discusses … Read more

A Promising Future for Mining Aggregate Materials

An article published by GlobeNewswire on March 28, 2023 discusses the growing demand for aggregate products in the mining industry and predicts impressive growth in the Construction Aggregates Market. It forecasts the market to reach US $636.46 billion by 2033, primarily driven by increasing construction activities.  This forecast was based on a study done by … Read more

Climate Bill Includes Tax Breaks for Mining Industry  

Earlier this month Congress approved the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which has been referred to as the climate bill.  The bill is set to deliver the largest investment in climate initiatives in US history.  Over the next decade nearly $370 billion will be directed towards scaling up renewable energy production and the reduction of … Read more