InVia advisors provide independent due diligence services for broker-dealers and registered investment advisors in areas of alternative real estate investments and commercial real estate investments.  We interrogate the fundamentals of the property, seller, sponsors, financials of the transaction, and compliance obligations.

What We Do

  1. Investigate and thoroughly analyze the property valuation or portfolio.
  2. Conduct Due diligence investigation into the seller and/or sponsor.  Due diligence investigation extends beyond matters related to the property being acquired. We look into the seller and/or sponsor and fully vetting them through a thorough background investigation to reveal their standing, reputation, and track record in the industry.
  3. Consider and analyze against the disparate federal, state, local environmental regulations, thereby ensuring that the property complies with current laws, rules, and regulations. Particular analysis should be focused on planned and potential regulations set to phase in at a later time in the future, often several years away. 
  4. Test-run the entire transaction through the IRS audit procedure to mitigate post-transaction issues and surprises.  This arduous process is conducted by our team of experienced forensic accountants.